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Rapid Deployment Security Systems

We offer leading-edge products from world-class manufacturers.

Rapid Deployment Surveillance Systems give Law Enforcement; Government & Private Security Agencies the flexibility to relocate and deploy hardware to any areas were they do not have any permanently fixed assets to view or record an event.

These products can be powered by Solar, Generators or Batteries allowing for quick fast deployment with the ability to relocate as the situations develop, they can also be set up for local recording or use Cellular Network to send Video & Audio back to your Mobile Command Vehicle or HQ.


The Commander 3400 powers your security, network and communications technologies. Perfect for rapid or temporary deployment while rugged enough for long-term use in the field. Ideal for law enforcement, crowd control, military, emergency management, transportation providers or DOTs, education, mining, construction and more.


Put video surveillance and communication technologies right where you want them, right when you need to. The Power Sentry 6000 is easily mounted with a universal bracketing system on light poles and sides of buildings or structures. Hook it over a fence or roof, hang it on a building parapet, or even set it up on a tripod. Just power up and go!


The Hitch Sentry 7000 is an easily deployable surveillance system designed to be that true “Force Multiplier” needed by law enforcement, the DOT, emergency response teams and the like. It provides that on site event recording capability and allows for that much needed remote viewing to keep those that need to know instantaneously updated of the activities as they develop.


Use public networks and reach out to your mobile hardware. This mesh network system provides the last mile+ of wireless communications to your video hardware.


We offer leading-edge products by world-class manufacturers with all our jobs.

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